considerations to be made before purchasing earthing systems

The most useful purpose of the use of earthing systems is to avoid electric shocks in case of any sudden rise in the electric potential of the electric appliances as well as to prevent fire damage that could result due to leakage of current through unexpected ways.

Whenever the event of electric installation takes place, it is necessary that the installer keeps in mind the grounding system as well. Here is a list of consideration which one should make before going for an earthing system.

Considerations to be made before purchasing grounding system:

Types of the grounding system:

The most important thing that should be considered is the type of grounding that you are going to use in the area of electrical installation. Such a question arises because there are many different types of grounding system.

Its several types are as follows:

· TN-S

· TN-C

· TN-C-S

· TT

· IT

Overall cost of the setup:

Once you have selected the type of grounding system, it’s time you worry about the overall cost that would be inflicted upon the setup. What’s important here is that the total cost lies within the budget kept aside for this purpose.